Saturday, September 22, 2012

Put that sentence on Weight Watchers . . .

Today's Zingers: 

I've been working on conciseness with all of my classes recently, and I had one group take a sentence from one of their own essays and write it on the board. When one student finished writing his, his friend said, "Dude,  you need to put that sentence on Weight Watchers and trim the fat."

My AP English Language students are working on style analysis this quarter. Last week, they analyzed Bill Clinton's DNC speech, and one student wrote, "Clinton tries to convince his listeners to re-elect Obama. People "on the fence" know which meadow they want to be in. If it's one that breeds donkeys or elephants, only they know."

Yesterday, my juniors began studying "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God," the fiery sermon by Jonathan Edwards. When I asked the group what they knew of the time period in which the sermon was delivered, one boy confidently said, "The Great Awakening happened just before the Great Depression."

Today's Tip/Resource: I need to clarify the way in which I bundle my products on TeachersPayTeachers because many of my buyers are purchasing the same item twice. My 77-page unit, Style Analysis (or Rhetorical Analysis) for AP English Language and Composition, is also sold in pieces. The following products are part of that unit, so please be aware that when  you purchase the unit, you purchase ALL of these items as well. It is much less expensive to buy the entire unit than it is to buy the pieces.

If you have made double purchases in error, shoot an e-mail to TpT for reimbursal, OR e-mail me to get a product of equal value for free.

HANDOUTS ONLY for Style Analysis (or Rhetorical Analysis) for AP English Language and Composition

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