Monday, September 10, 2012

Grattamarically Wrong

Today's Zinger: Bonus day! You get two! Four students were using my room during lunch to plan a group project for another class. I overheard these two lines:

"You can't use that sentence. It's grattamarically wrong."

"I was nervous about getting my lip pierced until I went with my mom when she had hers done."

Today's Tip: Before beginning a unit, copy all materials needed for instruction, practice, and assessment. You'll save yourself the drama of running down the hall to the copier just before the bell rings ... because you were late to work ... because the baby threw up on you TWICE. This scenario is hypothetical, of course.

Today's Resource: is gaining thousands of members each week. Here's a Romeo and Juliet freebie from a newbie.

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