Friday, September 7, 2012

Keeping Us Straight

Today's Zinger: I teach an integrated Biology/Creative Writing class, and a student wrote this line on a review bellringer today: "The animal cell does not have a cell wall because we don't need one to keep us straight." This (unintentionally) funny line made me laugh aloud while grading the assignment, and when students looked up to find out the reason for the laughter, one asked, "Did one of us make the blog?!"

Today's Tip: At my school, students are allowed to have cell phones. We were losing the texting battle, so our administration team decided to come up with a compromise. Students may have them on campus and even use them between classes and during lunch, but they must surrender them before walking in to any classroom. The teachers stand at their doors with baskets, buckets, and boxes collecting phones as the kids come in. Everyone does it, so there's no drama when one teacher plays the heavy. Students know to turn their phones off before placing them in the basket, and they pick them up on their way out.

Today's Resource: I utterly love the work of Sabrina Hinson, a crazily creative high school English teacher. I highly recommend that you check out her TpT store here.

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