Wednesday, October 3, 2012

They caught a case of heredity.

Today's Zinger: My Creative Writing/Biology combination class is working on a research paper on stem cells. One girl wrote in her draft, "For some people, diet and exercise were not enough to avoid cardiovascular disease. They caught a case of heredity." (By the way, this student has probably asked me ten times if I posted her funny sentence yet, so yes, I do get permission from the students before I post their funny lines.)

Today's Tip: Research indicates that you can get the most bang for your buck teaching writing at the sentence level with mini lessons on structure. Today as a bellringer review, my students pulled compound-complex sentences from their writing --or what they they thought were compound-complex sentences--and put them on the board. Each student had to go to a different sentence and mark the independent and dependent clauses and determine whether or not it was CD-CX. The kids got to move, evaluate, and socialize--the trifecta of teendom!

Today's Resource: I have two free resources for my teaching buddies today.

The first is a chart to help students analyze tonight's presidential debate.

Obama-Romney "Debate" Analysis Chart

The second is a handy PDF for making a Formative Flip, a quick assessment tool that can be used in ANY classroom.

Formative Flip

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