Thursday, September 13, 2012

AssAss ination

Today's (Overheard) Zinger:
Student A: "How do you spell assassination?"
Student B: "Oh! I know this! Double ass-i-nation."

Bonus: "Everyone in my urgent family does it." I think she was going for immediate.

Today's Tip: As you come to grips with the new Common Core standards, mount a pacing guide, unit guide, or standards grid on a bulletin board near your desk. As you incorporate each standard, highlight what you've done.

Today's Resource: I created a grid so that I can see all the Common Core ELA 9-10 standards at once. It made so much much sense to me that I thought it would be valuable to others. I'd love some feedback on the format.

Common Core Instruction Tracker (ELA 9-10 Grade Band)

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