Friday, April 20, 2012

A Texting Breakthrough

Today's zinger: (Teachers, get ready to be jealous. I'm just sayin.) This morning, one of my AP English students moped into my room and flopped down on what has been dubbed the counseling chair.
"My friends are irritated with me," she sighed. "When I text these days, I write whole paragraphs and complete words. I even proofread. It takes me forever to write a text! Thanks a lot."

Today's tip: Use found poetry as an assessment tool. To check students' connection with the theme of a chapter or novel, have them gather words, phrases, and sentences that catch their attention and have an emotional impact on the reader. Students then use their choices to create a poem whose theme is the same as the passage.

Today's resource:
I have a few freebies posted on my TpT site right now.

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