Thursday, April 19, 2012

Race on Shuffle

Today's zinger: (I collected five today, but I'm going to ration them.) My sophomores started reading Elie Wiesel's Night today. During an energetic, synapse-popping debate about whether Judaism is an ethnicity, religion, race, or nationality; we started talking about the "racial" mixture we have in our class. One student, when asked about his background, said, "I'm black, white, Hispanic, even got a bit o' Native American in there. My heritage is just on shuffle."

Today's teaching tip: To prevent being asked five times a minute if you have a pencil, band aid, White-Out, stapler, or safety pin, simply hang a clear plastic shoe caddy over your door. Each pocket holds one category of frequently borrowed supplies. Develop a routine for when students can get up to get what they need, and the questions end.

Today's helpful item: This AP style analysis visual is a great place to start reviewing for the May 14 exam:
Style Analysis Tool Box

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