Sunday, April 6, 2014

Defining My Mulling

I've been mulling. To mull is to consider, ponder . . . or mess up. What does it mean to be a blogger when I'm not sure who I am outside the classroom? I taught for 23 years. I've been writing for much longer. When I started this blog, the idea was to make my readers laugh at funny things students said. I pulled from student essays, conversation, and overheard drama. Those years were lots of fun, and they are over for now.

So what am I now that I'm at home with a two-year-old wild man? I'm defined neither by my profession nor my motherhood. I do a lot of different things in a day---work as my husband's bookkeeper, write teaching materials, follow bugs with my son, get my home ready for showings, create jewelry. I am none of those tasks.

So, how does a writer in need of an outlet know in what direction to funnel her energies? (I guess she could begin by cleaning up those mixed metaphors, but what would be the fun in that?) I want and need to write about so many topics, but there must be a need to define myself as a blogger. So, what do you blog about?
Why would I want to follow you? Would I learn anything from you? Will you make me laugh? Will you be sappy and sentimental? Dunno. Dunno. Maybe. Surely. Probably.

My customers--my soul mate teachers--might want to know how I come up with ideas for the units I create. They might want to hear about sellers whose products I would recommend. They will surely want to laugh. My writer friends want to know how I can pull off quitting my job and writing from home. We can just clear that one up right now: I don't live on my earnings yet. Right now, the sales of my teaching materials pay the mortgage. Not bad.

So, I need some feedback. How to do I blog about teaching, writing, and working from home? Comments would be greatly appreciated.

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