Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Birds and the Bees

Today's Zinger: I actually overhead this conversation in my Creative Writing class today:

Male Student A: What are "the birds and the bees?"
Female Student B: You know, the sex talk.
Male Student A: My parents don't talk about that stuff. Will you tell me?
Female Student B: Uh, no.
Male Student A: C'mon, I wanna hear the story.
Female Student B: Why birds and bees anyway? That can't work out. Hey, baby, hold still (student is now thrusting her pelvis). Why birds and bees? They aren't even the same size.
ME: (Because I had to jump in) It's not birds with bees; it's birds with birds and bees with bees.
Female Student A: So, why don't they call it the "birds talk?"
Male Student B: Why do they use two animals anyway?
Female Student A: Well, they can't use a human and an animal.
Male Student B: That won't work anyway. Animals can't have sex with humans.
Female Student A: Yes they can!
Male Student B: Oh, yeah. Beastiology.

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